Friday, August 29, 2008

Touchy Story - Wrong Number !!!

It was the day of her son's XII results and she was so tensed. She 
sat beside him while he logged on the website with his registration
no. "Ma", he screamed in excitement," I scored 1191, with centum in
4 subjects.I cant believe it.  " She kinda became numb in my 
excitement. Her eyes became wet. She kissed him on his forehead 
and smiled. Soon they realized that he stood first in the state. Oh, 
her joy knew no bounds when Reporters and media persons soon
swamped her house for interviews and photos. She was so honored 
to join him in the snaps. She wanted to call her 
"wrong-number- friend" to tell him the news......She was so excited. 
He was someone whom she has known for more than 20 years.
She still did not remember when they became friends, but certainly
cannot forget the first day he called her when she blasted him for
giving her so many wrong calls.....after that he had called up a week 
later asking apology, for he had now got the right no of his friend 
whom he wanted to talk to . They spoke for an hour that day...even 
without knowing each other's names.Though he kept pestering her to 
reveal her name she never did and so he kept a name...Sweety. She
used to get so shy whenever he called her 'Sweety'. She was doing
first year of BSc. Maths then, and he was a Computer Engineering student.
From then he used to call her very often . They almost discussed
everything ..By the final year of her college, they probably were in
love, but she had been cautious. She was in a dilemma whether to
tell him. But what if he was of a different religion? Does she have
the courage to talk to her parents about it? ........all these questions
ran through her mind.
She decided tat she'll not talk to him thereafter. When he called
next time she lied to him that she was going to Delhi for her post
graduation. He gave her his office number and asked her to ring 
him up once she reach there.
She never called .......
A couple of months later her marriage got fixed with a guy of her
parent's choice. She was not happy but she did not complain; 
rather accepted it as an obedient daughter. At times she felt she
missed her wrong- number- friend...... .Her hubby was a moody 
person; she has hardly spent any good time with him- but he was
genuine indeed and never bothered her personal space. After 
2 years they had a boy... Yet,she was not very happy with her 
married life... One day she happened to browse through her 
diary and found that she still had her old friend's office phone
no that he had given her. she dialed it and spoke with him. He
said he was married and got a kid too. She was happy for him
though in the bottom of the heart she felt bad that she could
not marry him.From then she used to occasionally call him
on that number. She never gave him hers as I felt that would 
put her in trouble.. And till today she almost shared everything 
with him including her relationship with her hubby..... today she
was so happy and wanted to call him. Just then she got a call.
 "Your husband met with an accident and died on the spot". 
She banged the phone down. She broke. She did not call her 
friend.....She somehow started feeling guilty. She has never tried
to talk to him properly when he was alive or moved close with
him.... She felt that she had been a bad wife........A couple of years
passed and one day her son brought home a Bengali girl and said 
they wanted to get married. She got them married as she did not
want her son to go through what she did.She decided to give her
son his father's room and started clearing it. There was a phone
book. She gently opened it to find, "Wrong No Sweety -26579785"

God always puts the right numbers together. Its we who interpret it wrong!!!!!


Friday, August 22, 2008

House Vs. Apartment & Build Vs. Buy A Home

Choice: Apartment
Apartments are not only smaller and more fuel-efficient to heat and
cool,they also tend to be located near or in metro centers. That
means apartment dwellers are more likely to use public
transportation and less likely to drive long, carbon-burning
distances to work.

Choice: Buy
For all the advances in energy-efficient home design, it still requires
more energy to build a home from scratch than to move into an
existing one. From transporting materials to powering saws and
drills, construction is energy-intensive. If you want to save money
on utility bills, consider retrofitting an older home with new insulation,
low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Cricket should not be part of Olympics

Cricketers might be excited at the idea of competing in Olympics. I fear that Cricket would "hamper" prospects of individual disciplines which wait for the Games to showcase their talents to the world.

Team sports like cricket should not be included in the Olympics. Olympics is a personal game where sportsman tries to excel within himself. It would be unfair to include cricket in the Olympics as the players of other sports, especially of individual events wait for the single day to happen and show their talents.

Cricket wherever is popular, hampers other sports, but it is the governments who should take corrective measures to ensure that individual sports also get their due,.

Olympics is the lifeline. The player waits for this day after long four years to showcase his talent and also to let the world know about him. India is going to make history in Boxing at Beijing.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tragedies that strengthened India

If experience is a great teacher, independent India is its most proficient pupil. In the 60 years since the birth of our nation, we have faced devastating natural calamities like floods and droughts which recur almost annually, crises like communal riots and ethnic violence, assassinations, and even a brief period of emergency, when civil rights were revoked. To this, add the perennial problems of poverty and population, and the daily dance of death led by terrorists and secessionists. Yet the essential spirit of India remains unbowed, unbroken. Despite all these problems, we are now well on way to claim our place at the world's top table. As we celebrate our 60th birthday, we bring to you some events which shook us, some which rattled our very foundations, but failed to break us.

For Indians the flag is life.

The flag: For being the country's most powerful symbol

For Indians the flag is life. It's life. The national life. It should generate enthusiasm, should generate integrity. It generates love for the nation.

August 15, 1947, the most important day in the history of India, the day when the long suppressed nation found utterance, it was the day when India got independence from the British rule. The stroke of the midnight brought with it a ray of new hope for India, as our first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru said, the world was asleep but India awoke to life and freedom. A new nation was born! Since then August 15 is celebrated as the independence day in India every year.

Happy Independance!!!

[1906 Flag of India] [1931 Flag of India]

Tricolor, the flag of India, is a representative of the independent Republic of India. A symbol that embeds in itself the history of India's long struggle for Independence Day, it was adopted as the national flag of India in its present form on July 22, 1947. Serving as the national flag of Dominion of India from 15th August 1947 to 25th January 1950, it thereafter became the national flag of the Indian Republic. First of all designed by Sister Nivedita, the flag of India passed through many stages before it was finally adopted by the Constituent Assembly of India as the national flag of India.

The journey of Indian flag started in 1904 when sister Nivedita, an Irish disciple of Swami Vivekananda, designed the first flag for India. This flag, containing red and yellow color stripes and Bonde Mataram written on it came to be known as Sister Nivedita's flag. The next version of the India flag came in 1907, it was designed by Madam Bhikaji Cama, Veer Savarkar and Shyamji Krishna Varma and had three stripes of - green, saffron and red color.

In 1916, Pingali Venkayya designed a flag with two colors and a 'charkha' drawn across them. This design was not much appreciated as the religious interpretation of the colors resulted in it being associated with only Hindu and Muslim communities. In 1917 and 1921 two other modifications of the national flag came into being the former was adopted by the Home Rule League as their official flag.

Finally in 1931, Pingali Venkayya came out with another modified version for flag of India, which had three color stripes of saffron, white and green. The white color stripe in the middle had a Charkha. This flag, considered to be the representative of all the communities of India was taken as the official flag of the Indian National Congress. This flag was adopted as the National Flag of India with minor modifications- Charkha was replaced by the 'Dharma Chakra' in the middle of the white stripe.

On July 22, 1947 when the flag was taken as the national flag of India, it acquired a new meaning, from the representative of the different communities of India, it became the representative of a nation. The three colors of the India flag have special significance. Topmost saffron color represents valor, sacrifice and renunciation of Indians whereas the middle white color is the symbol of purity and India's belief in peaceful co-existence while the lowermost green color signifies prosperity. A national symbol of India, Indian flag commands utmost respect from every Indian and is a binding force for all the countrymen across the globe.

Some Important facts:

  • The ratio of the width of the flag to its length is 2:3
  • The Indian flag is made up of just one fabric, Khadi.
  • When the national flag is carried in a procession or parade, as per the Flag Code of India, it shall be on the marching right or in front of the center of the line, if there is a line of other flags.
  • The flag cannot be used as clothing below the wais

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

$100-laptop dream can transform India-China

Imagine a world in which every school-going child owns a laptop, no matter how poor his or her family is. In India alone, this would mean well over 300 million units. Sounds like a pipedream, right?

The One Laptop Per Child scheme is, on the face, a simple one: provide affordable ($100 or Rs 4,200), low-energy consuming (less than 2 watts), rugged laptops (called the XO laptop) to children in remote and impoverished areas.

The laptops come with built-in wireless (wi-fi) capability, so that children can create what's called a 'mesh wi-fi network' that keeps them interconnected. They've achieved three parts of the four-pronged plan, Negroponte says, but the current price of Rs 8,000 is nearly twice the Rs 4,200 that the group envisages.

Even the poor in India and China have integrated the mobile phone into their lives, and that perhaps mobile phone technology is better suited in this part of the world, Negroponte is quick to reply: "The mobile phone brings connectivity. That's a good thing. But a handheld device is not an educational device. It's not an appropriate size for reading."

It's the goal of educators for their students to eventually surpass them. The computer is the best tool mankind has invented to achieve this. . . These kids aren't suffering from a lack of capability. They're suffering from a lack of opportunity."

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Which life is best.... bachelor life or married life ?

Both are having their own advantages as well as disadvantages,

As in bachelor life, u are like a free bird, and no much responsibilites and no boundaries and no limits but that is also having disadvantages such as without boundaries and limites u are free to do anything manytime u may do things which is not correct,

Where as in married life, it is full of responsibilites, u will have some one to share your thoughts your love and your view,

Things Money can't buy

1. Family and friends

The greenbacks won't bring you any closer to your family if you are far too busy earning them. Nor will they guarantee your family understands you at all. (Mummy's cooking is a sub-group in this 'things you can't buy anywhere' list.)

There are exceptions to this. You might just pay off irritating in-laws to stay out of your hair, or order a hit on them. But in the normal course...

With friends, it works the same way, only more so. If your wealth draws them, they aren't real. If they don't stay, or your life has no place for them, you are on your own. With real friends, you've almost got it made.

2. Home

Get married, start a family, have kids. Will they grow up into fine people? Have you got the hang of father/motherhood? Is your home really your castle, a cocoon of comfort? Or is it just a house with people in it? The card really stops here.

3. Happiness

Alright, cliched, but it gets truer as the years pass. There is always something missing whether you are on the beach at Algarve or adding the newest antique wood furniture to your collection. If you can't get at the root of it, everything you can get is merely a narcotic.

4. Peace

Here is the big one, ever since they started asking smart questions to beauty contestants. The small peace is inside your head and that is elusive enough to come by, for which you have antacids and Ketorol, which only push it away for another day. Also think world peace and other big matters. What if they nuke the city? Kidding.

5. Immortality

If you can make it for three decades on top of the Forbes list, that is a measure of fame. But to be truly immortal requires other things, other ways of striving. Ever wondered how some dirt-poor hardscrabble guys have instant recall value centuries afterwards? And literal immortality is yet several pages farther in human civilisation's sci-fi book

6. Respect

You can smirk at the poor ants down below on the street, but they will pull faces behind your back if you are the sort who is perpetually asking for it. Dignity is the most fragile of public possessions. And God help you if they know about the skeletons in your closet or that you were called Stinky as a kid. This is one asset you really need to work on all the time to earn...

7. Talent

Another cliched, misused, misunderstood word, like creativity, and maybe no one knows what it is anymore, but you are either born with it or not. No way you can get a bill of sale on this one. What you do with it is of course your business. History has been very frequently marked with astonishing examples of creativity outdoing... well, money and everything else. Possibly the best example is Lenoardo da Vinci and a certain portrait of a woman. He took 16 years to paint it, did not bother to name it, packed it with himself wherever he travelled in Europe, refused to sell it to kings and counts. It was ultimately sold by his assistant after he died. Someone down the line decided to call it the Mona Lisa [Images].

At the other end of the example is Vincent Van Gogh. All that talent and he sold just one painting of the nearly thousand he made, struggling with poverty all along. Didn't make a difference either way: in 1990, his Portrait of Dr Gachet went under the hammer for a current equivalent of $ 136.1 million, making it the fourth most expensive painting ever sold.

8. Health

Sure healthcare costs being the way they are, you need all the money you can lay your hands on when it comes to facing the bills and pills and the doctor scaring you with a dozen different possible diseases you have never heard about. But, viewed sanely, a good efficient treatment is not that much of a substitute for a good healthy life. Isn't it better not to need healthcare in the first place?

9. Love

It matters, that little empty feeling when you are sitting with a Sauvignon Blanc (for choice) on your balcony on a Saturday evening and twenty sober thoughts in your head, and no one to tell them to. That feeling of intense loneliness can neither be bought off, papered over or told to keep quiet and leave the room. Someone says, "Money can't buy love, but with all the other things it can, I'll give love a miss." Your call. You still have the Sauvignon Blanc...

10. Character

In case it matters. It is a sneaky creature, goes by other strange names like virtue and righteousness and at one time, if we remember reading correctly, a certain generation used to call it "true wealth". We don't really know whether it is around in these times but if you are looking to have it, it has to come from within. Or some such thing...

Meanwhile, enjoy what you have, but as John Buchan says, "Sit easy on your comforts."

Goldfinger Bindra makes history

Abhinav Bindra made history on Monday when he won India's first ever individual Olympic gold medal with a thrilling come-from-behind victory the men's 10 metres air rifle event in Beijing.

Bindra was fourth after qualifying but had a brilliant final round and even hit a near perfect 10.8 on his last visit to pull in front of Henri Hakkinen of Finland, who dropped to bronze with a poor final shot of 9.7.

That allowed China's Zhu Qinan, the defending Olympic champion and heavy favourite, to pass him on his final shot and win the silver medal.

India's last Olympic gold medal was from hockey (8th gold) at the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Bindra's feat betters the silver medal effort of double trap shooter Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore at the Athens Games in 2004.