Thursday, May 15, 2008

What ails Bangalore's Royal Challengers (RC)?

The Indian Premier League is a new phenomenon in the Indian sports scene for its sheer commercial blitzkrieg. The demigods of Indian and international cricket were auctioned to the highest bidder, mostly top industrialists and film stars, and certain icon players were bought for dizzying amounts. As the matches began, some team owners expected returns on their investment. Only, several of these players and teams didn't perform as expected, Bangalore's Royal Challengers being one of them. In this case, it has led to a public spat between captain Rahul Dravid and team owner Vijay Mallya, who has squarely blamed him for the team's losses. He even called the Royal Challengers to a Test team. Victories and losses were part of the game before; But today, when a cricket team has become an investment, looks like some bosses of the game will not tolerate a string of defeats.

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