Monday, September 1, 2008

Shut Down Vs. Leave Your Computer Running

Choice: Leave it running

Every time you power up a computer, it's like giving the device a minor
heart attack. Electricity surges through delicate circuits, flash-heating
them and causing expansion. Immobile hard drives quickly spin up
from a stop to speeds exceeding thousands of rotations a minute.
Rebooting several times a day is a good way to wear out your
machine fast and considering the nasty,Eco-unfriendly process
required to make a new PC, the green thing to do is to keep the one
you have as long as possible. Besides, in stand-by mode, modern
PCs don't consume much power anyway. Please Ditch that
old tube monitor for an energy-efficient LCD model.

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sachin said...

This is really amazing observation and very much reasonable.
Keep exploding such small info bombs.